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How often have you been travelling and wondered about the story behind an iconic ruin, a prominent bluff or a quirky place name? With Time Traveler Maps of the Southwest, Colorado Plateau, Santa Catalina Mountains and more, you’ll satisfy your curiosity. Check out our travel guides and maps that detail everything from the Navajo Lands and Tony Hillerman’s stomping grounds to dinosaur country and the Lewis and Clark Trail.

And that empty wall in your study, office or classroom? Make it the centerpiece of the room with a fine art map, created with care and craftsmanship by a professional cartographer. Every time you examine your wall map art, you’ll see and learn something new!

  • Dinosaurs of the Colorado Plateau (Coming Soon)

    A Comprehensive Map and Guide to the richest Paleontological region in North America.

    Available from: Date not set yet
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    Colorado Plateau Adventure Map & Directory


    A comprehensive collection of the world’s most diverse guided adventures

    This unique and beautiful travel map and directory plots the locations of hundreds of adventure options, offered by over 200 of the world’s premiere expedition and outfitting companies. This is a must-have for anyone wanting to see and do something truly memorable in the unmatched natural and cultural landscape of the Colorado Plateau.

    Map 24 x 30”, folded to 4  x 9”, hard cover

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    Santa Catalina Hiking Map and Guide


    The Santa Catalina Mountains rise like an island in a sea of desert directly north of Tucson, Arizona. The “Catalinas” offer a unique biotic diversity that represent life zones from Mexico to Canada and the southern-most ski area in America, and great year-round hiking area! This English and Spanish map and guide also features 3D trail profiles depicting the various life zones encountered in this fascinating area. Flat 18” X 20”, folded to 4” X 9”

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    The Colorado Plateau, Map & Guide to Public Lands on the Colorado Plateau & its Borderlands


    Now including the new units of Grand Staircase-Escalante and Bears Ears National Monument.

    The Colorado Plateau hosts the greatest and most diverse collection of National Parks and public lands on earth! Featuring over 50 National Parks, Monuments, Recreation Areas, and Conservation Areas, the Plateau is a wonderland for scenic and recreational opportunities throughout the year. This popular map is the ideal companion for your exploration of this fascinating landscape.

    *A portion of the sales of this map and guide is donated to the Peaks, Plateaus and Canyons Association (PPCA). This organization represents nonprofit museum associations on the Colorado Plateau that promote educational programs, research, and stewardship within parks and other public lands.

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    John Wesley Powell’s 1869 Colorado River Exploring Expedition, Illustrated Map and Adventure Anthology


    Like the Lewis and Clark Expedition (1804-1806) and the Apollo 11 mission to the moon (1969), Powell’s epic adventure defines the American spirit. His story comes to life in a fresh way through this beautifully-illustrated map, honoring the man who inspired—and- continues to inspire—a restless country determined to thrive come hell or high-water.


    Also available as a flat wall map suitable for framing.


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    The Hillerman Indian Country Map & Guide


    Featuring locations and descriptions from both Tony and Anne Hillerman Mysteries

    A must have for old and new fans! Time Traveler Maps announces a new edition of the popular Hillerman Indian Country Map & Guide. This companion map features a 36”x 28” illustrated map highlighting the works of both Tony and Anne Hillerman. Over 80 plot locations and descriptions from 20 different Chee, Leaphorn, and Manuelito mysteries allow the reader to follow each mystery as they unfold.

    This illustrated map and guide allows the reader to follow the Hillerman crime fighters in their various mysteries set in the heart of Indian Country in the American Southwest. Each plot location is numbered with a book icon.

    Peter Thorpe, the designer of the jackets of the popular book series, illustrates this unique piece with original graphic art and his distinctive book icons.

    Flat map 24” X 36”, folded to 4 7/8” X 9”, Hard cover, with ¼” spine.

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    Navajo Country Geographic Dictionary & Guide, Diné Bikéyah 


    A Geographic Dictionary of the Navajo Lands in the 1930s by Richard Van Valkenburgh (Reprint, 130 pages, 18 maps, key to Navajo alphabet and extensive bibliography.)

    Diné Bikéyah molds the history, folklore, anthropology and geography into a fascinating guide to the lands of the Navajo Nation and near-by areas prior to WWII. This is a classic source for reference and research and a fun read.

    To help standardize spellings of geographical locations, Diné Bikéyah was one of the first publications to use the official Indian Department system of writing the Navajo language. Research for this gazetteer was compiled by Navajo elders and prominent scholars of the day.

    8 ½” X 11”, paperback

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    Geographic Image of the Four Corners


    This popular oblique image offers a unique view of the Four Corners area of the American Southwest.

    Striking detail and geographic relief make this image a one-of-a-kind. Due to its obliqueness, this is not a true map as it is foreshortened therefore not to scale North to South. Parts of this image also appear to be three-dimensional, especially the Colorado River canyons.  25.5” X 37”

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    Diné Bikéyah, Navajo Lands


    The “official” bilingual map of the traditional Navajo homelands hangs in schools and offices through Navajo Country. This illustrated map is used to teach language, history, culture, and geography and is an aid in helping to preserve the Navajo culture. As all maps do, this map is a trigger to stimulate stories and conversations between its viewers. Creation story graphics were created by noted Navajo graphic artist, Mr. Clifford Brycelea. 24” X 36”